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April 18 - 24, 2021

January - April
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10 AM - 5 PM

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September - December & May
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Private showings 9 - 10AM and after 5PM by appointment.

Located at the historic shopping area of Queen's Buyway near the Village Green in Falmouth, MA (on the corner next to Coffee Obsession).

Coping with Covid-19

To All our Supporters and Patrons,

We find ourselves in unexpected and challenging times. Thank you all for your efforts including mask-wearing and social distancing. We also wish the best for those that are experiencing hardship and hope that we all get through this as swiftly as possible.

We have been at Queens Buyway now for twelve years and working as full time artists for the past 25 years. Like many businesses on Main Street, we have had to shutter our studio for several months and had many fewer visitors over the 2020 summer but we are encouraged by all the commissions and gallery sales and look forward to coming out of this pandemic in a resilient way. We believe in the value of art to inspire and uplift and hope, in some small way, to do our part. We wish you all well and to stay safe during this time.

Hillary Osborn & Doug Rugh

How We're Being Safe During Covid-19

Safe Private Visits by Appointment
Virtual Tour of Selected Works
Safe Shipping
Commissions without Face-to-Face
Emails of Available Paintings

Hillary Osborn & Doug Rugh at the Osborn & Rugh Gallery.

Hillary Osborn & Doug Rugh

Encouraging connoisseurship, craftsmanship and aesthetic integrity and promoting the value of original works of art in our lives.

The Studio

The gallery of Cape Cod artists Hillary Osborn and Doug Rugh doubles as a working studio and visitors are welcome to stop by where one of the artists is always at work and observe paintings in progress

Locals will recognize many of their favorite spots in landscapes of Cape Cod and the studio is also filled with a variety of still lifes, florals, interiors and portraits. The oil painters are happy to share their knowledge and appreciation of art and oil painting and welcome any questions you might have.


The husband and wife team have been painting fulltime since 2000 and had separate studios at the Cataumet Art Center in Bourne, MA until the Fall of 2008 when they moved to the present combined gallery and studio space at Queen's Buyway - the historic neighborhood of Falmouth, MA - near the Village Green on Cape Cod.

Osborn and Rugh believe that it is important for artists to study directly from life and on location to understand visual nuances of ever changing light and develop a keen eye and have spent many years painting on location and from live models and studying the craft and aesthetics of oil painting.

Hillary Osborn & Doug Rugh at the Osborn & Rugh Gallery.

Art Greeting Cards

6 Different blank greeting cards with envelopes featuring landscape paintings by Hillary Osborn & Doug Rugh.

Osborn & Rugh Gallery


Updates, upcoming exhibits, publications, broadcasts, awards...

Landscape by Hillary Osborn

Osborn Artwork

Still Life by Doug Rugh

Rugh Artwork

Bourne Farm by Hillary Osborn

Landscape Commissions

Both artists create landscapes from the surrounding areas through the outdoor season and work up larger studio paintings in the gallery...

Doug Rugh at the portrait easel.

Portrait Commissions

Doug Rugh, CM, has been painting portraits in oil for over 30 years and has had over 2,000 live sessions with a model...

Picker's Delight by Doug Rugh

Standing in Front of a Painting

“We’ve devoted our careers to creating original works of art because we are continually amazed with what can happen at the easel..."

Osborn & Rugh Gallery

Trawling for Treasures

Simply Falmouth Magazine Article by Theresa Pease

Osborn & Rugh Gallery

Collecting Art

Suggestions to keep in mind when investing in art...

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Afternoon Book by Doug Rugh

Talking Points

When you need to convince your spouse that you need an Osborn or Rugh painting...

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Osborn & Rugh Gallery


Hillary teaches privately in the studio and holds workshops on location...

Landscape sketch on paper by Hillary Osborn

Wedding Registry

The bride and groom pick out paintings or choose possible commission subjects and we set up a share system on a web page for them to email out to the wedding party...

Sample Page »
Landscape sketch on paper by Hillary Osborn

Osborn Works on Paper

Original signed oil sketches, mostly landscapes and still lifes...

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Covertly aquired portrait, oil on paper, by Doug Rugh

Covertly Aquired Portraits

In the field, stealth operative Doug Rugh [redacted] aquired personality profiles without the knowledge of the marks. These assesments are provided as visual data. Material is held ransom until bounty is paid...

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Drawing on colored paper by Doug Rugh

Rugh Works on Paper

Original signed studies and sketches, often figurative, in charcoal, gouache, conte, pastel and watercolor...

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Doug Rugh's easel at the Osborn & Rugh Gallery.


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