Osborn & Rugh Gallery



10 - 5

Open Every Day

S H O U L D E R   S E A S ON
10 - 5

Sunday 10 - 3
(Tues. by chance)

O F F - S E A S O N
10 - 4

Sunday 10 - 2
(Tues. by chance)

Private showings anytime by appointment.

Visit by chance

Visit by chance when the flag is out or make an appointment for a time of your convenience.The gallery is a working studio and is often open before and after regular hours and often on closed days.

By Appointment

The artists will gladly open up during off-hours. If you are visiting Martha's Vineyard and would like to see the gallery as you pass to or from the ferry in Woods Hole please contact either artist for an appointment.

Historic Village

The gallery is located at the historic shopping area of Queen's Buyway in Falmouth, MA (on the corner next to Coffee Obsession).


Parking is available across the street next to the Corner Cycle bike shop or in the inner courtyard area behind the Queen's Buyway shops.